Thursday, April 7, 2011

IPhone apps check the level of "fat" food pictures

The food energy and fat is a problem of concern of those who are dieting or obesity. A new application for the iPhone appears to determine the extent of allowing the energy contained in food through the food photos.
Meal Snap, applications for the iPhone has been announced DailyBurn, allowing users to check the level of energy (Calorie) of food through an image capture of food items by phone that the iPhone.

For each image of the dish, this application will result in a range of energy levels in food, from which the user can decide whether to use food to match the health status her.

Andy Smith, CEO of DailyBurn very proud of this application as the ability to comment on the operation of Snap Meal with one word: "Magic"

Smith said the application was using intelligent algorithms to provide the information fully and accurately as possible about the images of food.

Energy levels in food are checked through photos 

However, one obstacle encountered, that this application shows the energy level does not depend on the amount of food, but calculations by moderate, such cuisine "clamp meat bread" will is the energy level equivalent to food "meat pie clamp period" is included and cheese sauce.

In addition, the application sometimes does not recognize the dish correctly, and the energy levels of a dish that applications sometimes provide too large, it is difficult to determine. However, users can estimate for each specific type of food, which helps applications work more efficiently and accurately.

But still some obstacles, but the application was assessed Meal Snap is practical and necessary for those who are doing the diet or have health problems.

According to Mashable

iPhone 4 appear bizarre error

User features of Apple FaceTime video conversation began complaining about the random images on the screen jumps when they are called.

On the Apple forum, members kaar0786 said that the application automatically capture and save still images from previous conversations that she did not know, then they appear when you talk through FaceTime.

FaceTime applications

"I and my boyfriend met this phenomenon several times. When we call each other, an old photo on the screen in the court language when receiving calls only see a black. This is scary because they were taken at the company where I used a few times longer FaceTime he does not ", kaar0786 share.

Some other members also said they did not take pictures, which appear to have application to automatically save pictures FaceTime. One person said he also reported this problem to Apple and they suggested I set the machine to replace the original state but still did not fix.
Apple forum

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

iOS 4.3.1 was jailbreaked

Hackers have found a way to intervene into the IOS platform for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to make them able to run the software not in the control of Apple.

Since Apple released OS 4.3 IOS early in March to date, many hackers have found ways wholly owned platform, but without success. The method was introduced before this was tethered jailbreak. This way the temporary nature of each product should be restarted (reset) will cause corrupted operating system (technology people call "bite") or required to use specialized software to fix .

Dev-Team hacking group has launched a tool called redsn0w version 0.9.6rc9, capable of complete jailbreak, allowing the product to continue normal operation when rebooting. This type of code called untethered break jailbreak.

Redsn0w 0.9.6rc9 running on both Mac and Windows operating systems. It can be used for older iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone and iPod Touch 4 3, 4. Currently, two iPad tablet can not jailbreak using this tool.